If you just stop paying your mortgage, how long does it take to get foreclosed on?

I’ve decided to let my home in California go into foreclosure. I’m going to save the money and want to stay in the house as long as possible before the bank throws me out. how can i delay the process. I’ve heard lots of time lines and don’t know if I should talk to them or just ignore them and let the process go. What should i do? I’ve not paid for 3 months and have gotten a default letter so far.

If you would like to delay the foreclosure process you should first review the laws of your state so that you understand the process. To review the laws for the state of California, click the link and select your state, http://www.worldclassmemberservices.com/ForeclosureLaws.html

As you will see there is a mediation process to which you must respond, within 14 days of receiving the notice of default. Participating in this mediation process will delay the foreclosure process. Once you have exhausted the mediation process file an application for HAMP. If denied, file again and again and again. The bank is required to stop the foreclosure process while your application for HAMP is reviewed. Once you receive final denial for HAMP, submit an application for HAFA. This will again delay the foreclosure process while the bank reviews your application for Short Sale. Once approved this will delay the foreclosure sale by approximately. The following steps should save you approximately 16 months of making no mortgage payments.