How long does it take to stop the foreclosure process in Texas,once a deal has been reached w/the mortgage co?

We received notice back in February that our landlord was going into foreclosure on the house that we rent. It was posted for auction on the county website, etc…When we were finally able to get a hold of the landlord, she said that it was being taken care of and they had the money to pay it. She said they made a deal with Citimortgage to do 2 payments and that it just had to get final approval. After weeks of waiting, we get the call that the house wasn’t being foreclosed on…it was approved. GREAT!….However, the next month we started getting letters again. Checked public records and the house was listed again for auction the following month. Landlord said it was just part of the process; the Mortgage company had to refile it?? This has happened every month and she just keeps saying that Citimortgage is so swamped, that they haven’t been able to talk to anyone.
I searched public records today and found Citi assigned a substitute trustee and the house is on the auction list for July 7th.
I’m just wondering if she is being truthfull about this process or if she’s full of s%*#..
Sorry this is so long, but any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

If she reaches a deal with the mortgage company, it can be done the day of the auction, up to 5 minutes before assuming she gets ahold of the trustee at the courthouse- which is not that hard to do.

Assigning a substitute trustee is normal. I would talk to her about paying your rent directly to the mortgage company and the extra to her so neither of you have to deal with this problem anymore. Or setting up a different account that those mortgage payments are directly taken out of after you deposit your rent payment.

But even if the home is foreclosed on, the new owner has to evict you- which is a couple month long process. Most likely the new owner will be an investor who will want to keep you in the home instead of having to find a new renter!