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Stop Foreclosure York PA

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Stop Foreclosure York PA – Mikk Sachar of Reveals in FREE Report How to stop foreclosure and sell your house fast. Get immediate results now!

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Help For Foreclosure For People Living In Nevada

Posted on January 2nd, 2011 by More and More People Are Facing The Prospect Of Foreclosure
DON’T LET FORECLOSURE HAPPEN TO YOU! Take the Steps to Preventing Foreclosure. Visit this site and check out this guide! Help For Foreclosure For People Living In Nevada

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Foreclosure Help Massachusetts

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Foreclosure Help Cohasset Massachusetts- For help with any situation please check out our web site at

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Stop Foreclosure Anaheim

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Stop your foreclosure and save your home in Orange County California. We do short sales for the honeowner facing foreclosure

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How long does it take to stop the foreclosure process in Texas,once a deal has been reached w/the mortgage co?

Posted on December 18th, 2010 by

We received notice back in February that our landlord was going into foreclosure on the house that we rent. It was posted for auction on the county website, etc…When we were finally able to get a hold of the landlord, she said that it was being taken care of and they had the money to pay it. She said they made a deal with Citimortgage to do 2 payments and that it just had to get final approval. After weeks of waiting, we get the call that the house wasn’t being foreclosed on…it was approved. GREAT!….However, the next month we started getting letters again. Checked public records and the house was listed again for auction the following month. Landlord said it was just part of the process; the Mortgage company had to refile it?? This has happened every month and she just keeps saying that Citimortgage is so swamped, that they haven’t been able to talk to anyone.
I searched public records today and found Citi assigned a substitute trustee and the house is on the auction list for July 7th.
I’m just wondering if she is being truthfull about this process or if she’s full of s%*#..
Sorry this is so long, but any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

If she reaches a deal with the mortgage company, it can be done the day of the auction, up to 5 minutes before assuming she gets ahold of the trustee at the courthouse- which is not that hard to do.

Assigning a substitute trustee is normal. I would talk to her about paying your rent directly to the mortgage company and the extra to her so neither of you have to deal with this problem anymore. Or setting up a different account that those mortgage payments are directly taken out of after you deposit your rent payment.

But even if the home is foreclosed on, the new owner has to evict you- which is a couple month long process. Most likely the new owner will be an investor who will want to keep you in the home instead of having to find a new renter!

Foreclosure Help Portland OR | Foreclosures Portland Oregon

Posted on December 12th, 2010 by Find foreclosure help in Portland Oregon. Foreclosures in Portland Oregon, find foreclosure istance for foreclosure help for foreclosures in Portland OR 800.824.8122

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Stop Foreclosure Garden Grove

Posted on November 22nd, 2010 by Fred

Stop Your Foreclosure in Garden Grove. Short Sale Specialists located in OC
Stop Foreclsoure, Start living Life Again

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I need legitimate help to stop foreclosure. I do not know where to turn!!!!!!!?

Posted on November 14th, 2010 by Fred

I am in Fl. foreclosure intent was filed 12/10/07. I still have some time to try to stop it. I looked online there is so many companies claiming to help. I am very afraid.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

As a person who tried being a "Foreclosure Consultant" many years ago, the first thing I would say is stay away from them. I quit doing it because I could not take $300-$500 dollars from someone who was about to lose their home. And basically all they do is call up the lender and try to negotiate a deal with the cash you have on hand a then a minimum payment for a set period of time. And you can do this on your own. This is a long process and you are going to run into some rude people, but if you’re persistent (and willing to make your payments) you should be successful.

1st step: Understand the mortgage company probably doesn’t want your house. Mortgage companies are in the business of lending money not buying and selling houses.

2nd step: Call them and talk to them. Let them know you do not want to lose your home and you want to work with them to get your account current.

3rd step: Get all the cash together you can. Sell anything you can sell, borrow from any friend or family member you can borrow from. Plan on eating bologna sandwiches 3 meals a day until you are caught up.

4th step: Call the mortgage company again and say "I have x amount of cash that I can send right now and then I can make this much extra on my payment each month until I’m caught up, is that acceptable?" If they say no, then ask them what kind of deal can be worked out. If the person you are speaking to says the only alternative is to bring your balance up to date then ask to speak to their supervisor. They will try to not let you do that, but be NICE and PERSISTENT, because they have to let you.

5th step: Whatever arrangements you make… keep them. If you agreed to pay your mortgage plus 10% every month until you are caught up, you better keep your promise.

6th step Be prepared to make sacrifices in your standard and style of living. Not to be harsh, but if your behind in your mortgage payments you are living above your means. And if you want to keep your home you need to live below your means. That could mean, selling your car to get rid of that monthly payment and buying a $1000 car to get you from point A to point B. That could me selling your big screen TV and Home theater system for half what it’s worth. It could mean no more eating at restaurants (even McDonald’s; for the price of a value meal, you can buy a package of bologna and a loaf of bread and have several meals), could mean canceling your cable or dish service. Canceling your cell phone and/or internet service. Basically get rid of all monthly payments that you can get rid of. Also if you have credit cards… use the money you you would pay on those and apply it towards your mortgage. If you don’t make a credit card payment they don’t let you use your credit card, if you don’t make a house payment you don’t have a place to live. Call your electric and gas company and ask to be put on a budget.

If you’re not willing to do those type of things to keep your home, then you probably deserve to have it foreclosed.

Help With Foreclosure Is At Hand

Posted on November 8th, 2010 by Fred
With the national subprime mortgage crisis, many people are finding themselves in face of a probable foreclosure. If you own a home chances are you might be in need of a home foreclosure help. Read more….

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Can I file a lien on my own property to stop foreclosure?

Posted on November 6th, 2010 by Fred

I am currently trying to modify my loan, the problem is going to be the loan is held by mortgage backed securities. The organization helping me keep my house told me to look into this. any help would be appreciated.


It sounds like you are being scammed. Not only can you not place a lien against yourself junior liens have no effect on a foreclosure. They are simply dismissed.

If you want to end a foreclosure you need to man up and repay your loan.