Get Loan Modification Help Now: (800) 915-7927

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Get loan modification help from experienced attorneys and modify your mortgage terms. Get a Loan Modification and save your home!

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How To Verify A Mortgage ignments

Posted on August 31st, 2010 by Fred

Mortgage ignments are a very important part of any foreclosure prevention plan. Find out how you can verify a mortgage ignment to determine if your lender actually has the legal right to foreclose.

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Stop Foreclosure Tampa Travis H

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Stop Foreclosure Tampa another testimonial, from Travis Hunter a short sale homeowner happy with Jennifer Richards with Charles Rutenburg Realty and TLC Property Solutions llc to Avoid Foreclosure in Tampa. Information, go to

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Foreclosure Help Raleigh, NC

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Foreclosure help in Raleigh, Avoid or Stop Foreclosure in Raleigh, short sale help in Raleigh, short sale expert nc, foreclosure raleigh, please visit Distributed by Tubemogul.

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How does filing for bankruptcy effect the foreclosure process?

Posted on August 29th, 2010 by Fred

I’ve been doing some research and have found a few resources:

but I haven’t found anything specific. It seems like I’m getting a range of that it slows down the foreclosure process up to six month to a year, but I still haven’t found anything specific.

I found some great information here:

basically a list of some of the best resources on this subject from around the web!

How does home foreclosure work?

Posted on August 29th, 2010 by Fred

If you fail to make your mortgage payments, can the bank garnish your wages for the payments?Or do they just take repossession of the home and auction it off themselves?And if they just auction it and can’t sell it for enough to cover the remaining mortgage amount, can they come back and sue you for that, even if you no longer have access to the home?I’m asking because I need to know…if a person decided to deliberately stop making payments on their home mortgage because the home will not sell on the market quick enough and they have to move out of state, what are the repurcussions?(Besides bad credit)The goal is to just get rid of the house, regardless of the loss in profit from the sale of it, and regardless of how it will effect the homeowner’s credit.Please provide any information pertaining to this.

Once your home goes into foreclosure the home will be set to be sold at a sheriff’s auction. Many times the lender will buy back their own homes so that they can sell it themselves and make back a little more of the money.

The bank will not garnish your wages while the home is in foreclosure. After the home is sold at auction, the lender can come after you for the shortage between what it sold for and what you owed. You will most definitely receive a 1099c for a cancellation of debt after the home is sold at auction. This will be in the amount of the difference between what the house sells for and what you owed on the home. This 1099c will be reported to the IRS and you will have to treat it as "normal" income for that tax year. For example if you owed 150,000 on the house and the lender ended up selling it for 110,000, you would be issued a 1099c in the amount of 40,000. You would claim this as income for that tax year and you would have to pay income taxes on this money (most likely federal, state and local which could result in a pretty hefty sum of taxes).

As one of the other posters mentioned your best option would probably be to explain what is going on to the lender and ask them about a short sale. This way your credit does not get totally ruined, you should be able to get more money for the house than the lender, you will not have a foreclosure showing on your credit, you will not be sued for the difference, and the if you still receive a 1099c it will be for less than if the lender has to sell the home themselves. Check out the links below for information on short sales and avoiding foreclosure.

Palm Springs Realtor’s Top Ten Ways to be Scammed in Real Estate and With Homes for Sale

Posted on August 22nd, 2010 by Fred

Today, it is estimated that one in ten homeowners is either in foreclosure or behind in their payments. As the economic crisis becomes more severe and the recession feeds upon itself, people have become more and more desperate to find some way to hold onto their houses. With such conditions, the average member of the public is ripe for a scam and the and those who try to dupe you or use trickery know this. It is no surprise, therefore that the number of foreclosure and loan modification scams are on the rise.


Those who are most likely to be targeted by persons attempting to perpetrate a fraud are the elderly, anyone entering foreclosure, people who have recently lost their jobs, families who have lost a loved one, people who have limited knowledge of English, people with limited resources, and homeowners whose payment amounts have recently been raised.


The moment you enter foreclosure, you can expect to be inundated with offers of help from many individuals with generic type sounding names, and some claiming even to have references from churches or other social organizations near you. These are, in most cases, some of the people you should stay away from at all cost.


The person who will approach you in this type of scam is more often than not, well-dressed, well groomed, and seems personable, kind, and trustworthy. Some utilize social skills to put you at ease such as their representation to be of the same religion as you, or even the same church, to have been in the military if they think that will put you at ease or feel more trusting of them, and others will claim to be working for non-profit organizations, or branches of the government.


If you need help selling or finding a home or land in Southern California, in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County or San Diego County or anywhere in the Inland Empire or Coachella Valley including Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, La Quinta, Indian Wells or Rancho Mirage, call us at any of the numbers you find on our website at


In the interim, these are some of the most common scams you should be aware of and here’s what you can do to avoid being a victim of such real estate scams, ripoffs and frauds.


1) The Disappearing Foreclosure Consultant – With a helpful sounding name, and armed with references and a kind voice, the person who contacts you promises to help you stave off foreclosure with just an up-front fee for their time. The only problem is, as soon as the money clears their bank, you never see or hear from them again. The soon-to-be phantom performs little or no service, takes your money and you are left with your original problems and less time to try to save your home from foreclosure.


2) Loan Modification Helpers – Unlike Santa’s Helpers, in this scam you pay a fee up front to the “loan modification expert” to negotiate directly with your bank, only here you don’t get a present from Santa. If the expert really gains your trust, you also make your mortgage payments directly to the expert rather than to the mortgage company. Both the up front fee and the mortgage payments go directly into the pocket of the loan modification helper with the white beard and the kind voice and by the time you receive notice that your house is in foreclosure, this elf has disappeared and is back at the North Pole.


3) Just Sign Here Scams – As you face the prospect of foreclosure, one offer of help seems far better than all the others because it allows you to stay in your home as they save it from foreclosure. Unfortunately, in the papers you sign without having a lawyer look at them, you agree, knowingly or unknowingly, to sign over the house to the person offering this help and still remain responsible for the mortgage payments. The person then either sells your house, collects other fees from you or holds onto the house and evicts you.


4) Sale and Leaseback Scams – In this scam, if you are a homeowner who still has some equity in your home, you will be convinced to sign over title in your home and pay rent to the scam artist with the promise that they can bail you out, cure your problems and that you will be allowed to buy back the house later at a bargain price. All of this can be accomplished, but only if the property is in the consultant’s name. The payments you make go directly to the scam artist and eventually you will find yourself holding the bag. You may also find yourself evicted when you can no longer make the excessive rent payments. If you have lost your job and are having trouble making your house payments, even if you have equity in your home, you may be tempted by this scam. And while you would be entitled to the excess equity in your home if the house is sold in foreclosure, when you fall victim to this scam, you will lose the equity when it is either sold out from under you or the equity is stripped away by the new owner.


5) The Trust Me, I’m Religious or I Was In The Military Too Scam – These people posing as Christians, former members of the military or members of whatever social organizations you belong to come complete with references from members of your church or with military haircuts and promise that by adding them to the title to your home, they can rescue you from foreclosure, and have your credit repaired. Having gone through your mail or your trash, they probably know all about you. There’s no need to see a lawyer, they tell you. Just pray with them or have a drink with them and swap military stories. Just be sure to hold on to your wallet, don’t give them any money and don’t sign anything.


6) Sign Me Up Scotty And Get A New Loan Scam – In this scam, you are told that if you add the nice looking good Samaritan onto your title by signing a Grant Deed or other legal instrument, (which you are told, you don’t really need to read) this friendly person can apply for a new loan, which, unfortunately, if approved, will leave you on the hook for both the old loan payments and the new loan payments, and any up front fees you pay for this service will disappear with this fraud.


7) Buy My Books, Take This Seminar And Make Millions Scam – You may see this offer on late night television, on roadside signs or even on billboards. Only this time, you are talked into buying materials that are full of worthless information that will do nothing to help you avoid foreclosure. Even worse, the materials you receive may offer advice that will land you in jail by telling you how to approach others in foreclosure and advise you to tell them you can save them from foreclosure. The trouble is, what you will be doing is either practicing law without a license or acting as a credit repair agency or loan modification expert without a real estate license and without an advance fee agreement approved by the Commissioner of the California Department of Real Estate and without being registered with the California Department of Justice.


8) The Short Sale Scam – In this scam, the “short sale specialist” who contacts you promises his expertise to accomplish a short sale in a small amount of time that will protect your credit. There is a fee of course that would have been better spent on groceries. When the real estate market was better, there were additional wrinkles to this scam that today are more difficult to perpetrate due to the difficulty of selling homes in this economy.


9) It’s Like Magic – Here the homeowner is told to sign one thing, but the homeowner winds up signing something altogether. In some instances of this bait and switch scam, the scam artist will serve as the notary as well. In conjunction with this and other scams, or in other variations, forgery may be utilized, and identity theft employed as well.


10) Want Somewhere Cheap To Rent Scam – Here the bogus homeowner or leasing agent takes your rent payment and security deposit and rents or leases you vacant residential or commercial property, that isn’t owned by the person you are talking with and if you are talking with a leasing agent, this “agent” has no authority to offer you the property for rent or lease.


Here are the five tips of advice we recommend to anyone in this situation being approached by people offering help.


1. Avoid any solicitations of help that come unexpectedly, by mail, e-mail and by phone or to your door.


2. Avoid using any help agency whose name you find on roadside signs such as those which state “We Buy Homes For Cash” and those which promise to “Stop Foreclosure.”


3. Avoid paying up-front fees to foreclosure or loan modification experts.


4. Disregard anyone who tells you not to talk to your bank or tells you to avoid consulting with a lawyer.


5. Don’t sign anything without having it reviewed by a real estate lawyer.


Red flags to you that you are about to be scammed should include requests of you for any of the following: to pay money up-front before any service has been performed, payment by cash, cashier’s checks or bank wires only, transfers of title, actions to be taken immediately, power of attorney, signatures on grant deeds, signatures without any explanation or while under time constraints, signatures on incomplete documents, and mortgage payments to persons other than the mortgage company.


Other red flags include unqualified promises, offers that sound too good to be true, failures to provide you with copies of what you sign, oral promises that are in conflict with written provisions, refusals to put the oral promises in writing, oral statements that the provisions in writing don’t mean what they say or won’t be enforced, and warnings not to discuss the matter with an attorney, your lender or anyone else.


In the Inland Empire and Riverside County, you can count on Sebastian Gibson for all your real estate needs from Palm Springs to Palm Desert, from Indio to La Quinta, in Indian Wells and Rancho Mirage, from Cathedral City to Coachella, in Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms. To learn more about


To learn how we can help you in finding, listing or selling your home, land, or horse property in Southern California, the Inland Empire, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County or anywhere in the Coachella Valley, call Sebastian Gibson Properties at any of the numbers on our website at

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Personal Bankruptcy Will Get You Relief To All That Debt

Posted on August 22nd, 2010 by Fred

Some people are in financial trouble. The creditors will not stop calling you. Your debts are piling up. You are at the end of your rope. You are in a panic. What to do now. Should I file for personal bankruptcy?

The benefits of filing for personal bankruptcy will allow you to re-establish and get good credit again. Getting a discharge when filing bankruptcy can end the harassment and marital stress. Personal bankruptcy will put a stop to all creditors, garnishments, foreclosure, evictions, etc. Filing for bankruptcy can also protect some of your property so it will not be taken over by your creditors.

Now of course, there is a flip side to everything. Some reasons in not to file bankruptcy and the disadvantages are, if you really do not have large debts, then why file. If you have property that is already exempt, then why file. If you have any assets that are way over the exemption limits, this will be turned over the bankruptcy trustee and sold to pay off your creditors. Look into this extremely well and consult with a lawyer before your filing. You have to also remember that a bankruptcy filing can stay on your credit report for 10 years. Sometimes filing for bankruptcy may not work in your favor. You might loose property or you may have some major debt that will not be discharge for one reason or another. Consult with a lawyer first before filing bankruptcy to see if this going to be worth it or not.

If you do decide to file for personal bankruptcy, this will be a very important decision you will have to make. Finding a good lawyer to guide you through this will be best. You should get guidance and have your questions answered before deciding to file for personal bankruptcy. Make sure to keep and get your records in order without making any mistakes or errors. Make sure you find a lawyer that you are comfortable with and one that has your best interest at heart.

Look to your employer to see if their is some kind of employee assistance program available. Their are also some public funded legal services available that do not charge attorney fees for personal bankruptcy. Do your search on this.

Make sure you list all of your creditors. If you forget to list any creditors, then the ones you did not list can still come after you to pay up even after filing bankruptcy. Anyone and everyone you co-signed with or if they have co-signed with you, make sure these debts are listed on your list of debts.

There has been many changes in the law when it comes to filing bankruptcy. It has been made harder for individuals to file under Chapter 7. Filing Chapter 7 is alot easier in clearing your debt in order to get a fresh start. The system has made it harder to file Chapter 7. You may end up having to file Chapter 13 because this chapter will require you to repay at least half of your debt. And the law wants it this way. Do your research very well when it comes to filing and make sure you talk to a good lawyer about this.

At the end of your filing usually 3 months after, you will be able to start a new credit profile. Just make sure you do not come in contact with your old creditors. They could get you to sign a reaffirmation of your old debt that has already been discharged when you first filed bankruptcy. Be careful and always read everything thoroughly.

You will soon have to make the decision to take some kind of action. Before you decide to file, maybe you should look into getting help from a local financial counseling program.You can also look into finding a experienced credit counselor who is experienced in negotiating with creditors. You have some credit counselors out there who are very good at this. Do your research in finding these kind excellent credit counselors and who they are. Investigate their services and their credentials .Consider also contacting the Better Business Bureau by calling or going online.

Filing for bankruptcy which is provided for in the Constitution is your right under the law. It is intended to provide a fresh start for a individual. Big corporations and celebrities file for bankruptcy all the time. Your lawyer should not be too busy to meet with you to discuss your options here. Get consultation from a lawyer so you will be more equip to make that final decision of whether file for personal bankruptcy or not.

Carmen VJ

Stop Home Foreclosure Tampa

Posted on August 22nd, 2010 by Fred

Stop Home Foreclosure Tampa – If you are facing foreclosure please contact Buccaneer Bargain Properties and let us customize an offer for you to help you avoid foreclosure, damaged credit, or even bankruptcy.

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Why Should You Consider A Loan Modification?

Posted on August 22nd, 2010 by Fred

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