How does one stop foreclosure on their home?

Posted on February 28th, 2009 by Fred
Foreclosure Prevention
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Foreclosure Help : How to File Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

Posted on February 22nd, 2009 by Fred

Filing for bankruptcy will not stop a mortgage foreclosure, but it may delay the foreclosure so that payments can be made. Find out how to use a bankruptcy for the issuance of an automatic stay with help from a civil mediator in this free video on foreclosure law.

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How To Stop Foreclosure in Detroit Michigan Area …

Posted on February 15th, 2009 by Fred

Learn your options for stopping foreclosure on your Detroit Michigan area house. Tips and traps from Michigan’s #1 Foreclosure Solution & Short Sale Team.

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Whether you are trying to avoid forclosure in Oakland County or Macomb County (or any other Detroit area county), this video will help you.

Are you in any of these situations? This is a must-see video!

Help With Foreclosure Laws
Behind On Payments
Bill Collecting
Pick Foreclosure Attorney / Lawyer
Need Payment istance
Want Mortgage istance Programs

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Stop Mortgage Foreclosure New foreclosure news you must hear

Posted on February 15th, 2009 by Fred Mortgage Loan Modification Services. We can Help stop foreclosure by using mortgage loan modification. Log on to speak with one of our loan modification experts today!

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Help Stop Foreclosure We can help by using mortgage modification

Posted on February 15th, 2009 by Fred Help stop foreclosure. We can Help stop foreclosure by using mortgage loan modification. Simply log on to speak with one of our mortgage modification experts today!

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Can a person stop foreclosure on a home while they are only collecting unemployment compensation?

Posted on February 15th, 2009 by Fred

this person was injured on the job in new jersey and back was operated on twice and than given unemployment status when workers comp ran out. Is able to work but not at that previouse job.

That alone is not grounds to stop a foreclosure. Talk to your lender or Legal Aid

What happens if investor stop paying on loan as agreed and home went into foreclosure?

Posted on February 1st, 2009 by Fred

but we are both on deed, lender reported negative to credit bureas, Investor made the choice not to contact me. If I wasn't considering saving $$ and check my credit I would not have know the last payment made Oct. 2007 Forceclosure was scheduled June 1, 2008. I paid the requested reinstatement of loan amount. I e-mailed the investor never until this day have gotten a response. He have called the police and was advised this is a civil matter. I posted Private Property & No Trespassing in the window. Investor told my huband the reason he stop paying the house will take to much work and he did not want to pay monthly mortgage and did not bother to contact myself nor my husband. until we decided to see all that need to be done. We have hire a contractor to do all the interior work and, stop a gardner on the street to cut front/back yard so it would not look completely abandoned. house was allow to be used a flop house unlock, we changed the lock to keep the varants out advise
The loan is only in my name and I was completely mislead, told untruths and no one would return calls on the investor situation. the agreement state the investor is repsonsibile for paying the monthly mortgage that is my name. it also state the investor agreed no payments are not to be late, if payments are not made investor is in breach of contract and become null n void, in addition to investor is indebtedness for not making payments.
it is one of the deals/situations we buy houses you don't have to pay two mortgages. That the investor will take over payment until they resell the home and give the monetaries that was agreed upon. after paying for 2 yrs investor decided to stop paying and choose not to inform me. I have to told that these situation are a complete rip off and everyone that get involved with this unfortunately situation 99% lose their home to foreclosure without even knowing until it is to late. as I mentioned earlier I have paid the reinstatement of the loan in full. as I research options I am realizing that overall agreement was prepared in bad faith just to one of many. But I will continue to research until I can get this resolved.
I have a Real Estate Attorney and he have all the docs, in additon he wanted the investor # which I provided. Within a day the investor called did not leave a message, he them called my husband. I believe when the investor realized the reinstatement of loan was paid in full my me and the call from my attorney he then wanted to talk. I also believe that the investor was counting that I would not check my credit and if I did the reinstatement of loan amount would have been much more than I could afford to come up with and my house would have be autioned/forclosed to the higher bidder without him ever contacting knowing that he is in breach of contract and defaulted on the monthly payments

i know this does not make you feel any better but you are not alone with this scam, it is being pulled all over the nation by every tom, dick and harry. You need to contact a real estate attorney asap and show him your documents . Hopefully your "investor" did not take out any other mortgages on the property during his term of control.